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Yandere Simulator 2D is (currently) a pre Alpha build for a game in development by Jackboog21.

Do you like Yandere Simulator, but wish for a more simple version, but with more students? Then, this is the perfect game for you! Yandere Simulator 2D

You are an emotionless high school girl, called "Ayano Aishi", who secretly sabotages your Senpai's love life from the shadows. Once every ten weeks a new rival will confess her love to him (or her) at Friday evening. You have to eliminate each specific rival during each of their respective weeks before they confess to make sure that no one will get in your way.

Still, you must be very careful so that Senpai doesn't notice you! When he or she sees you doing something suspicious you will never be forgiven and will get an immediate Game Over. If the time is ready, and all girls are eliminated, and you have good reputation Ayano will confess her love. Remember that you must do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. Senpai will be yours.

Senpai doesn't have a choice.

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