Seito Kaicho is an upcoming student in Yandere Simulator 2D.[1]


Seito has relations with Hason Shitahana, Kohana Gaden, Kitino Ashi, Deforuto Moto, Inina Luan, Takashi Fujimoto and Bosenga Fujimoto. Its unknown if she has a relation with Megami Saikou.


It takes more than money to represent!
If we want to be represented, we have to do it ourselves!
Saikou's council has failed! It's time to rid ourselves of it!
Hason, I can't do that and you know it! It'd ruin me!
If you must know, I came in 2nd place.
Take these papers down to the Gardening Club, they're Deforuto's application.
Yeah, poor thing. She doesn't realize she's just another one of her tools.
I will not stand for this! YOU CANNOT SILENCE ME!