Yandere Simulator 2D has many personas, however, none of them are fully implemented.



Loners will exit the school when they find a dead body. Currently several personas react like this.

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pets will run in the opposite direction than Loners. Heroic students will also do this.

Social Butterfly

Social Butterflies will run in a random direction for 5 seconds.


Apathetic students do not react to dead bodies and will continue as though they never saw it.


Foods with this persona will grow giant kawaii eyes when their friend dies. After 6 seconds they will return to normal.


Popptarts will not react to murder. But if you try to kill them they will bring out an "advice ball" preventing you from killing them.

This persona is currently exclusive to Kellie Kaypopp.

Available by not implemented

These personas appear on students, however, are not actually in the game.

  • Devoted
  • Evil
  • Wise
  • Coward
  • Heroic


  • Corrupt
  • Lovestruck

Removed Personas

  • Smart (Became Wise)
  • Yandere (Became Devoted)
  • Fragile (Became Coward)