Deforuto Moto
DeforutoMoto Uniform1 Portrait PA-100
Student Info
Role Rival,
Club leader
Occupation Student
Class 3-2
Club Gardening Club
Age 18
Persona Loner
Crush Taro Yamada
Strength Unknown
Appears Week 1 or 2
Deforuto Moto is a student and rival in Yandere Simulator 2D. She is likely to be the 2nd rival. Her week will have a theme of "Peace".


She has blue eyes and blue hair which she wears in a pony tail. She wears a flower bracelet (which is represented by 3 different colored pixels in-game). And since she's a club leader, she has an armband.


She's a natural leader, and is very polite and well mannered. However, ever since her club split, she's become more reserved. Most likely to try and salvage her reputation.


When she was young, her parents had gotten a divorce and she lived with her father. About a year and a half before the game starts, her father died in a car accident. She had to move to Buraza Town to live with her mom.


Pre-Alpha 0.2.5c

Deforuto will go to the school along with other students, she will stop to talk with Kimi. If Kimi is dead, she will instead talk to Taro.


Taro Yamada

She has a crush on Taro Yamada.

Kimi Mori

Kimi's her best friend.

Hason Shitahana

While it's clear Hason doesn't like her, it's not clear what Deforuto thinks of Hason. But it can be assumed she at the least, doesn't hold her in a positive light.



  • She was Jackboog21's first OC.
  • Deforuto means Default and her last name means Origin.
    • In early versions, Deforuto's name was Default-chan.
    • "Default-chan" is a nickname if her friends say it, but is a insult if a enemy say it.[1]
  • She is one of the first students who were added.
  • She was confused with the Student-chan, the internal name for girls in Yandere Simulator.
  • She originally wasn't planned as a rival in Yandere Simulator 2D. However, after about a month into development this changed.
  • In "More Students Mod 4.1", the player can discover Deforuto buys drugs, according to her Phone Call and that the drugs are not for her.
    • While the event from More Students itself might not happen in Yandere Simulator 2D, this information is canon to the story.
  • She is most likely to be the second rival and Osana can be the first.[2]
    • She was originally planned as the first rival to show how different the story is from the original game at the start, but many characters and events have made this no-longer necessary.


Until Pre-Alpha 1.0.0

Since Pre-Alpha 1.0.0